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In Search of Mayberry

November 7, 2009 2 comments

Scott Dickson

It seems that North Carolina will always be associated with the charming, quaint, sleepy little town of Mayberry, a fictional spot  that has become so real that folks arrive here looking for Andy, Opie and the by-gone era they represent.

Scott Dickson, a North Carolina native, decided to document twelve towns across the state that hold at least some of mythical Mayberry’s appeal.  In his new book,  In Search of Mayberry, Dickson creates a guide for those wanting to discover small town America–which does, indeed, still exist in many areas of NC.

Whether you are simply looking for a day trip or researching a spot to retire, In Search of Mayberry makes a nice companion on a journey to discovering what those of us who grew up here have always known:   Mayberry may be fictional but the charm of small town America can be found just around the corner . . .

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