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Weekly Lost Chronicles: The Substitute

February 16, 2010

In typical Lost fashion, this episode got us a little somewhere–and mostly nowhere–at the same time.

The John Locke character has always been the most intriguing of the bunch, but watching him in the flash sideways moments has been a bit of a trip. When Oceanic 815 crashed, the island had cured him of his paralysis. He had gone from a man without much hope to a man of pure faith. In the flash sideways, he was the man who insisted to not be told what he couldn’t do–until Locke became victim of the recession and lost his job. After being turned down for the site manager’s position at a construction agency, he was told by a woman battling terminal cancer to concentrate on what he could do. His inability to call Jack for the free consult shows he’s clearly afraid of being told what he couldn’t do.

The kick still comes from watching these characters intersect had the plane not crashed. Hurley became owner of the company that Locke gets fired from. Ben Linus was a European history teacher (how appropriate!) at the same school where Locke eventually teaches. Rose works for the temp agency that Hurley also owns. As a side note,  Randy Nations, the guy who fired Locke, worked as a boss for Mr. Clucks during the time Hurley had worked there . . .well . . . in the flashback.

The big questions came on the island. The “claimed” Locke, possibly Man in Black, brought Sawyer to a cave carved in the side of a mountain, telling him that he had the answers as to why everyone was brought to the island. Finally, we’re getting somewhere, right? Maybe. So, it turns out that they’re all candidates to control the island. So what are we to make of the names and numbers carved into the stone?

4- Locke

8 – Reyes

15 – Ford

16 – Jarrah

23 – Shephard

42 – Kwon

Immediately, we know the numbers to be Hurley’s winning lottery numbers. The first thing that stands out is no Austin. I’ve looked closely at five screen captures, and Kate’s not there, not even crossed out. If she isn’t a candidate, it stands to reason she could be expendable, unless she’s there just to keep Sawyer on the island. The second standout is Kwon. Which Kwon–Sun or Jin? Sun was the one with the agenda against Charles Widmore, moreso than Jin who became part of the DHARMA initiative. She’s shown herself to possess a strong, independent personality, which could work in MiB’s favor. The third is Locke. The only problem is that he’s dead and currently being buried on the island. It stands to reason that if John Locke is dead, his name should be crossed off that list.

Then again, I also remember from a few seasons back that each was being told they’re “not on the list,” when clearly they are now. Tom told Jack in season two that he wasn’t on the list; Mikhail said that Kate, Locke, and Sayid aren’t on it, either. Yet, there they are, on a narrowed down list. Not everyone was considered an Oceanic Six survivor, either. Sawyer (Ford) jumped off the helicopter for being one too heavy, and Locke never left. Did I mention Locke is still dead and being buried?

Reyes (Hurley) is a possibility for control of the island as his leadership ability has grown quickly. Ford wants off, but I’m figuring on his staying, possibly for Kate, so he’s not counted out. Jarrah (Sayid) has been infected, or claimed. If he’s a part of a Trojan horse method of infiltration, you can’t count him out, but he wouldn’t be on Jacob’s side. Jack has been doubting his own decision-making lately. As of now, scratch 23 off as a real contender. Kwon could either be Sun or Jin, but my safe money goes to Sun for the reasons above. Regardless, it’s more evident that a war for control of the island is near.

The boy that both fake Locke and Sawyer saw: Aaron or a young Jacob? Seems it could go either way. Initially both fake Locke and Sawyer claimed to have seen him. After fake Locke unsuccessfully chased after the boy, Sawyer claimed to have not seen him. That was interesting enough, even more interesting was fake Locke yelling at the kid, “don’t tell me what I can or can’t do!” Shades of the real John Locke.

The last thing we saw was MiB giving Sawyer three choices: stay and do nothing, stay and potentially take control of the island, or go home. Sawyer agreed to going home, but I seriously doubt he’s getting there anytime soon.

Coming next week: The Lighthouse

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