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Weekly Lost Chronicles: What Kate Does

February 10, 2010

One step forward, two steps sideways. This show doesn’t get any easier, and providing a recap seems pointless, not to mention robotic. There seemed to be bits and pieces put together, as a whole things seemed to have been left in a slight holding pattern.

The theme of the Oceanic passengers intersecting regardless of “the incident” continued with this episode. The parallels are fascinating to watch unfold in the alternate reality. Kate is still assisting Claire with the birth of Aaron, and, at least for the moment, the doctors are handling this one as opposed to Kate doing it on the island herself. In the episode’s biggest “out of nowhere” moment, Ethan made an appearance to check up on Claire, except this time as Dr. Goodspeed. I can’t say I saw that one coming, but the randomness was pure gold. And in the episode’s most priceless moment, Ethan tells Claire how he “didn’t want to stick you with needles if I don’t have to.” Really! This coming from the man who seemed needle happy when he and the Others kidnapped Claire because of her pregnancy (not to mention the shock of seeing him in a uniform as opposed to a mess in the jungle. The bond that Kate and Claire had on the island seems as though it would have taken place anyway.

Kate on the island has been a different story. The triangle between her, Sawyer, and Jack appears to be coming to a head. Just before Kate left to find Sawyer, Jack seemed to lean in ever so slightly for a kiss, which she rejected by walking away. The most heartfelt of the three episodes so far was the moment on the dock between her and Sawyer. Sawyer telling Kate that he was going to ask Juliette to marry him, then throwing the engagement ring into the ocean, was the exclamation point to his line, “Some people were meant to be alone.” We saw Sawyer alone by choice early in the series, as that was all he knew. His happiness was with Juliette. With Juliette gone, that was Sawyer’s one shot at having anybody in his life. Yours truly turned into a bit of mush during the moment he threw the ring away. How Kate manages to bring Sawyer back is anyone’s guess, as Lennon stated that they needed him back. It’s been a running theme since “Live Together, Die Alone” in that everyone needed to be with the other to avoid something bad happening. Sawyer with no love lost toward Jack or anyone else, becomes the wild card now. In his mind he has nobody to live for, most likely prepared to die alone and take everyone with him should he refuse to return to the temple

Watching Hurley assume a leadership role has been a fun switch. Last week it was Hurley who shouted out who had sent them to the temple, as well as responded first to who each of the survivors were. For the moment, Hurley has been able to stave off death just by telling what he knows. Jack, the man who was once able to make the decisions, has completely lost faith in that ability. More than once this season he’s been reminded that his decisions have killed more people. Like Ben, he’s very much in a compromised state, leadership wise. Unlike Ben, it’s due to the loss of faith in himself as opposed to outside influences. His ability to make a judgment call hasn’t entirely left him. It was Jack who demanded to speak to Dogen and Lennon, demanding to know what was in the pill Dogen had created for Sayid. By swallowing the pill meant for Sayid in front of Dogen and Lennon, watching them force Jack to cough up the pill, he was able to call their bluff and have them reveal that it was a pill meant to kill Sayid. Very interesting, to say the least.

The most interesting aspect of tonight’s episode is what might be happening to Sayid. When Lennon told Jack that Sayid had been “infected” and then “claimed”, this opens up a potentially wicked can of worms. The “Jacob possessing Sayid” theory I had might not be holding much water anymore. And speaking of water, since the pool that the other batch of Others dipped Sayid in wasn’t pure, it’s possible that the Man in Black, the same one who inhabited John Locke’s body, could be in the process claiming Sayid. It also means that the first attempt at killing Sayid, drowning him in the pool, didn’t work. Dogen’s vague reference to Claire having been claimed by the Man in Black was another interesting surprise, compounded by seeing her holding a gun to Jin during the episode’s final seconds. I imagine trust will become a central issue quickly, as no one will have a clue as to who’s been claimed and who hasn’t.

All of this has taken on a Trojan Horse mentality: someone or something inhabiting…claiming…a body in order to infiltrate a camp. John Locke’s body was “claimed” in order to side step the rules between Jacob and the Man. Claire’s body, at least according to Dogen and Lennon, has been “claimed”. Sayid is in the process of being “claimed” as well. If this is the case, the chess pieces are quickly, and strategically, being put into place. The pawns are fast being put aside, leaving rooks, knights, bishops, kings and queens left in play.

Coming next week: The Substitute

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