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Weekly iPhone App Recommendation: Doodle Jump

February 10, 2010

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They warn you in the iTunes store that Lima Sky’s “Doodle Jump” is, and I quote, “insanely addictive.” I’m sure every app would love to make that claim. It’s a bold statement, however, in this case it couldn’t be more true. It’s the ultimate “one more game” app available.

Doodle Jump couldn’t be any easier to learn. All one needs to do is tilt the iphone left or right to guide a bouncing doodle from one small ledge to another. If the ledge leaves the bottom of your screen, you can’t use it any longer. The higher you go, the higher your score. That’s it. If it were only that easy to master. It starts off simple enough, with ledges close to one another, making for easy jumps. To say it doesn’t stay that way for long is an understatement. The higher you go, the farther apart the ledges become. Then the ledges start playing tricks. They’ll move side to side, or up and down. They’ll burn and explode, leaving you a few seconds to make a decision as to which way to jump. Some ledges will have springs, a spring board, a hat propeller, or a rocket pack to quickly gain ground. Along the way you’ll see marks and names of how high various jumpers have reached. You’ll see yours there as well, underlined name in blue.

Other obstacles will get in your way. Various doodle monsters hovering above valuable ledges will need to shot at, jumped on, or avoided entirely. In some instances, you’ll be able to hop on a lower ledge, grab a shield, and knock the doodle monsters off.

Eventually, you’ll hit an area where you’ll be required to position the ledges yourself, only seeing one ledge at a time, all the while keeping your doodle bouncing on his own ledge. Position them very wisely, or you’ll find your game over prematurely. You’ll also reach a boss monster that needs to be shot at a certain amount of times before proceeding.

It seems like an app that would be easy enough to pass by in the iTunes store, yet I’ve come close to draining my battery on more than one occasion. It’s every bit as addictive as advertised, as well as reviewed, and certainly lives up to the warning. Highly recommended.

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