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Weekly iPhone and iPod Touch App Recommendations

January 15, 2010

For as much information that can be gleaned from numerous iPhone/iPod touch apps, there’s a ton that provide a great laugh. Some get stale fairly quickly, while a few never seem to get old. Fire up your smartphones: this week’s recommendations will concentrate on the more humorous side of the apps that can be downloaded from iTunes.

Diamond Dave: This might be the ultimate in the nonsensical soundboard, twenty four audio clips taken directly from Van Halen’s “Running with the Devil.” What doesn’t seem funny on the surface is hilarious once you start this app. There is no instrumentation here, just David Lee Roth’s horrific vocals isolated from the rest of the song.  The  sound bytes range from two seconds to ten, containing numerous loud variations of “oooh’s,”aaahhyeah’s,” “whoo’s,” as well as a few words from several opening lines (that last one always gets me). It’s extremely responsive, so a well timed “yeah” is easy to unleash. It’s the perfect app for any quiet room.

F*rtin’ Furious: One of the numerous flatulent apps available on iTunes, this is another one perfect for a quiet room or crowded elevator. What you have is a thirteen key keyboard, however you won’t hear any piano or organ sounds emanating. It’s a juvenile little app, but that never stopped me from giving it a whirl. A few 0f the lower keys will generate the same noise every time, a few others seem to carry a couple of different sounds. It’s not a pleasant sounding app, but it sure is funny.

iCanHasLOL: O, HAI, fanz of teh kitteh! Who doesn’t love a great LOLcat? One of the funniest comedic phenomenons to hit the web hits your iPhone and iPod touch with the iCanHasLOL app. Two sites in one, this app contains various pictures from both I Can Has Cheeseburger and I Has A Hotdog (yes, intentionally misspelled captions are included). The app seems to be updated fairly often with new lolcat pictures, although the updates appear to be random. The ability to save a lolcat or hotdog picture to your favorites, share pictures, as well as access the actual site, is all here. For a lolcat fan like myself, it doesn’t get better than that!

Demotivational Pics: I’m not sure when those big, motivational pictures came into vogue, but the web based, anti-inspirations known as Demotivators seemed to tell a greater, if not funnier, truth. You won’t find a cat clinging to a tree with the phrase, “Hang in there” with this app. This is a much snarkier collection of shots, with those words of inspiration intended to bring you right back down to earth. It’s the stuff you’re thinking, that you wish you could say, but you’re forced to keep it to yourself. Or at least until you’re alone with a friend. Demotivational Pics is divided into “Recent,” Popular,” and “Random.” The actual phrase isn’t revealed until you tap the picture, giving you those few seconds to wonder how the shot is going to be butchered. If you like the lolcats, add this freebie to your iPhone or iPod.

Daily Fail: If lolcats are cute and demotivational pictures are George Carlin-esque observations, FAIL shots allow us to laugh at someone else’s expense, or at least showcasing someone’s absent mindedness. This app is a sampling of the seemingly thousands of FAIL pictures online, the shots of someone or something gone wrong and the word “FAIL” someone in the picture. There’s nothing fancy beyond being able to save a favorite FAIL shot. The interface is a little quirky but the pictures load fairly quick. Comments are listed below but there’s no way for you to leave one without visiting the site. Those are nitpicks as it’s still worth the free download. If you’re looking for a quick laugh, you won’t go wrong with this app.

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