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First in Flight for 2010: Injured Red Tail Hawk Soars

January 2, 2010

It seems unimaginable–that a driver would purposely aim his car to run over a Red Tailed Hawk, but that is exactly what happened in eastern NC this past November.

Fortunately, the hapless bird’s plight was witnessed by Sam Melville, who was also driving on that stretch of road.  He quickly contacted Lake Waccamaw State Park Ranger Toby Hall, who responded to the scene.  Together, the two men managed to capture the bird in a cardboard box and transport her to Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter on Oak Island.

Shelter owner Mary Ellen Rogers has patiently nursed the hawk, who suffered a broken wing in the auto attack.  She decided the bird was ready for release on New Year’s Day.

A camera crew was there to capture the moment, and a video can be viewed of the hawk’s release back into its natural habitat.

Mr. Melville gets our Good Citizen award for 2009.  His quick thinking allowed one of North Carolina’s raptors to soar again–a great example of volunteerism’s importance to wildlife preservation in our state.


Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter is a private shelter established by Ms. Rogers to care for injured or orphaned shorebirds.  Check out her blog for more stories of birds that have been rescued by volunteers and transported to Sea Biscuit Wildlife Shelter.  The photo of the injured hawk, above, is by Gus Grosch.


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