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What’s up with the UFO, Dude?

December 15, 2009

Outer Banks. The Final Frontier. Still, I don’t think this is what Gene Roddenberry had in mind when he sent his starship out on a five year mission.

It turns out that the crew of the Enterprise had to go no further than Frisco, North Carolina to discover new life forms (an analogy for another time, although this yankee may hear it from his editor soon enough).

Situated between Cape Hatteras and Buxton, there it is: a 12 portal UFO with several green men pressed against the windows. Whether they’re merely observing or pounding the glass for a way out is up for debate. Apparentlym they’ve adapted nicely to life in North Carolina. A glance to the right shows a boat resting on the grass. If you can’t beat ’em, fish with ’em, I suppose.

A little digging reveals that this structure is a Pennsylvania made, pre-fabricated house manufactured in the late 60’s and early 70’s, called “Futuro.” These structures landed . . .errr . . . are standing from New Zealand to Pensacola, Florida. About 100 were built and with good reason: just look at it. I’m not sure who would want to live in this Unidentified Laugh-In Joke Wall and evidently only a handful of folks made the quantum leap to Futuro.  Eastern North Carolina wasn’t spared the invasion, however,  as the saucer sits in Frisco to this day, presumably still waiting for a sign of intelligent life.

If the opportunity presents itself, I’ll ask the aliens, “how’s the fishing?” Until then, come on . . . what’s up with the UFO, dude?

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