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Make a Williamsburg Style Wreath

December 9, 2009

With so many of our homes in the South being architecturally Georgian or Federalist (or a hybrid “Colonial”) decorating is most authentically accomplished when using Williamsburg style guidelines.

One of the hallmarks of Williamsburg style is the inclusion of fruit in the design.  Here are instructions so you can make your own Williamsburg style wreath.  Be sure to check out the links for more inspiration!

Wreath of Boxwood or other Greens Made on a Flat Wire Wreath Frame

Supplies and materials needed:

* flat 2-wire wreath frame (available in sizes from 10 to 36 inches)
* #22 gauge spool wire
* wire cutters
* chenille wire or pipe cleaner
* clippers
* 5-inch sprigs of conditioned boxwood or other plant materials (see below)
* Note: Approximately 1 to 1 1/2 bushels of 5-inch boxwood are needed to make an 18-inch wreath.

STEP 1. Wrap the end of the spool wire securely around the outside wire of the wreath frame as shown. Leave the wire attached to the spool.

STEP 2. Hold 3 to 6 sprigs of boxwood (depending on fullness) close to the frame and wrap these cut ends tightly with the spool wire.
Drawing of wire frame and boxwood assembly

STEP 3. Wrap the wire around the boxwood and the frame several times so that the boxwood is securely fastened to the frame.

STEP 4. Hold another bunch of boxwood sprigs close to the one you have just attached to the frame and wrap these ends as in Step 2. Place the second bunch of boxwood on the frame, just overlapping the ends. Repeat Step 3 to secure the second bunch to the frame.

Continuing in the same direction, repeat Steps 2 through 4 until you have covered the frame entirely with boxwood. The last bunch of boxwood should be wired underneath the first bunch you attached by lifting the foliage end and wrapping the last bunch tightly under it. Cut the spool wire and wrap the end securely around the frame. This allows the first bunch of boxwood to cover the wire wrapped ends of the last bunch.

Be sure to keep the size of the clusters and the distance between them uniform. On the back make a hanger with a chenille wire or pipe cleaner and secure it to the wire frame. Trim any uneven areas of the wreath with clippers.

Directions from: Christmas Decorations from Williamsburg


Ten beautiful wreaths are shown  here:


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