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What’s Up With the Speed Limit, Dude?

November 19, 2009

I love lazy drives.  Sundays on an old country road–music or the talk radio station on–so relaxing. If you’re like many Carolinians, you’re taking your kids to the park on a warm day. A great family outing with slides, swings, a basket of food and a pitcher of lemonade, all of the key ingredients to take things at slow pace.

The park will also assist you in making sure you’re able to keep things slow, particularly your car. Frank Liske Park in Concord, North Carolina, takes that extra step to help keep your speed in check by letting you know exactly how slowly they want you to drive.

Not twenty miles per hour, not fifteen miles per hour.

Nineteen.  Yep. Nineteen miles per hour.

Nineteen miles per hour must be the scientifically proven, just exactly perfect, road-tested-by-silver-haired-women-with big-hats speed limt safe enough for vehicular traffic, children at play, and insuring that Canadian Geese can safely cross, as well. This is a speed limit that’s sure to give speedometer watchers fits, making sure that the needle lines up perfectly at the 19mph space.

Because in Frank Liske Park, speed kills . . . even at twenty miles per hour.

I mean come on: what’s up with the speed limit, dude?

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