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What’s Up With the Restaurant Sign, Dude?

November 18, 2009

Signs sell the establishment, whether by store name, logo, or catch phrase. Once in a while you’ll come across a sign for an establishment that’s quite the eye catcher. Once in a very long while you’ll come across one that will make you think twice as to what you just saw. One such sign is for tnaruatseR ileD & raB s’igiuL, otherwise known as Luigi’s Bar & Deli Restaurant located in Charlotte, North Carolina.  As you drive by, it’s the one sign that instinctively makes you cock your head to the side.

Sign right side up, sign right side up, sign right side up, sign right . . . wait, what?

My best guess in this case is that the placement is intentional, since the human eye is capable of relaying enough relevant information for the brain to decipher. I can’t imagine a series of workers setting that large sign down on it’s post, the owner presiding over the sign placement, everyone stepping back and then realizing it was a mistake.

Let’s just hope that the food isn’t served the same way.

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