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Apple Hill Farm: Talk to the Animals

October 26, 2009

Yes, you can talk to the animals at Apple Hill Farm! And they talk back! Of course, their language is going to  be in the form of brays and snorts, but they definitely will do their best to  communicate with you.

Apple Hill Farm sits atop Valle Mountain, in Banner Elk, NC, surrounded by an apple orchard which has been there for half a century.  This piece of heaven is home to alpacas, donkeys, goats, llamas, chickens and various other farm animals.

A trip to Apple Hill Farm means not only enjoying magnificent views and lovely gardens  . . . it is also a delightful excursion which blends hands-on interaction with the animals who make the orchard their home.  There are seasonal activities, and learning opportunities as well as tours.

Head to western NC and check out this interesting destination!


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