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In the works . . .

September 2, 2009

We hear it often these days – “where’s the South?”  And it’s not only newcomers asking that question . . . natives are starting to voice the same query.

Carolina Lifestyles will be your guide to discovering (or re-discovering) the unique traditions, places, people and activities that make the South a world set apart.

In the upcoming weeks, we will share with you what we think makes our region special. We’ll attack those stereotypes and surprise with reality.

We are not satisfied with our increasing inclusion as “mid-Atlantic” states.  Nope. We are unique.  Yes, both North Carolina and South Carolina are increasingly becoming the relocation destination for folks wanting to find that ineffable “better way of life” and this migration has definitely affected our culture.  But there is no reason we can’t blend old and new and still retain our Southern heritage.

Newcomers want to know “what makes the South different?”  Well, we at Carolina Lifestyles intend to help define that . . . one article at at time.

In the coming weeks, we plan to share our insight but we also want your participation! We look forward to this site becoming a gathering place to share inspiration as well as answer questions.

Discovering the many facets of life in our region is an ongoing journey – and we look forward to being your guides.

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